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BailCo has agents available in Bridgeport 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, as we do throughout Connecticut. Call us now for the fastest, most affordable bail service.

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BailCo in Bridgeport

BailCo can assist you with your bail bond needs at four locations in Bridgeport: the Bridgeport Police Department, the Superior Court in GA 2 (Geographical Area 2), the Bridgeport Correctional Center (also known as HCC or "North Ave"), and the Connecticut State Police Facility Troop G.

How It Works

You can post a bond at both the Bridgeport Police Department and Troop G 24/7- they never close. However, depending on when the defendant was arrested they may be transported to the court if you do not act quick enough. If this happens, don't worry-- the bond can still be posted at court, and ultimately the correctional facility (jail). However, the bond amount can change, which may not be advantageous to your needs. If you need to post a bond at either Troop G or Bridgeport Police Department please call us and our helpful staff will make arrangements for you. When you call we will ask a few questions to make sure you have everything necessary to post the bond. The next step is to meet; typically, we will meet you at the front lobby of the police department to facilitate the posting of the bond. Posting a bond Bridgeport PD can be a very slow process and it often take hours to post a bond there. Troop G is very fast and efficient-- like all of the State Police facilities.

The operating hours of Bridgeport Courthouse GA 2 are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Doors open at 8:30 A.M. Arraignments do not usually occur until 12:00 P.M. but they can take place later in the day. If you need to post a bond at The Superior court in GA 2 (Geographical Area 2), that means either the defendant has not posted the bond at the police department or they were being held in jail. In the case of being transported directly from the police department, they will appear in court on the next business day for their arraignment. At the arraignment, the defendant is advised of several constitutional rights by the presiding judge and is required to enter a plea. Usually the defendant is advised to plea “not guilty,” after which the matter is set for a date for the pre-trial hearings. Street parking is available, but it can be difficult.

During the arraignment, the judge will set bond. If they do not have a record and the case is not violent in nature, then most likely the defendant will be released on a written promise to appear on all subsequent court dates.

A judge will sometimes order a bond with or without surety. If the defendant fails to appear then their bond could be revoked, and they may be held in custody without bond. The judge may require a security bond; the defendant has the option of posting 7 to 10 percent (depending on size) of the bond with BailCo; as bondsmen we assure the defendant’s appearance in court, and the defendant is released. If needed, you can do a payment plan. Click here to calculate the deposit amount for your bond.

If a defendant is held in custody after arraignment, the judge must review the bond status after 45 days.

Bridgeport Correctional Center is among the most restrictive and difficult places to post a bond. Typically, you can post a bond from 8:30 P.M. until 9:30 P.M. These hours are subject to change due to holidays, weekends, staff availability and various emergencies that occur within the facility. If you need to post a bond at the correctional facility, it's best to call well in advance so we may research the bond and schedule based on the requirements of the bond. Bonds usually take several hours to post and can take much longer at Bridgeport Correctional Center; please plan appropriately. In an effort to save you waiting time at the facility, we may have you fill out the necessary documents at our office or another location convenient for you. This can save several hours of waiting at the facility for records to provide us the mittimus and process the release documents.

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