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Connecticut Court Date Lookup

Defending Your Freedom Starts With The Right Place and Time.

Your court appearance is as important to your team at BailCo as it is for the accused. A common misconception is that our job is to bond defendants out of jail; in reality, we ensure their appearance in court.

If you have been arrested or issued a summons, you must appear in court. Making sure you appear in court is the primary job for your team at BailCo. It is imperative that you remember your court date. So important, that it can affect the outcome of your court case. The vast majority of our clients throughout the state of Connecticut manage to accomplish this task. Sadly, many find themselves in a situation where they misplace their Appearance Bond with the court date on it. This is the only reminder of your first court date that a defendant will receive. Subsequent court dates can be found on the Connecticut's Judicial website: You can always call BailCo Bail Bonds or download our app to help you find the appearance information you need. Our team also tries to contact every single client the day before their court date to ensure the defendant appears in court. Calling hundreds of people is time a very time-consuming endeavor, but it shows how much we care about our clients. Some defendants do forget the date of their court appearance, despite all our efforts. Failing to Appear (FTA) in court at the required time usually results in a warrant for the defendant's arrest. Fortunately for defendants in Connecticut, the courts provide a way for those arrested and their cosigners to look up their court dates online.

Besides looking up your court date online, a defendant may call the court clerk's office that they are scheduled to appear in and simply ask. If you have a lawyer, you may also contact them, and their office will likely know the court date.

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You may not find you case online. This can simply be due to the fact that the system has not been updated with the defendant's information yet. Typically, you have to wait 1-2 weeks for the first court date; future court dates will be available the next day. Sometimes details about a court case are not shared online or the details are limited. Typically, this has to do with juveniles, or cases with sensitive subject matter. As always you can call the team at BailCo for any questions you may have.

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