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Bail For Connecticut Police Departments

BailCo can send a bail agent to ANY police department in Connecticut, at ANY time, on ANY day, at a moment's notice.

Connecticut has 92 municipal police departments. As of April 2011, they employed a total of 6,656 police officers. Nineteen departments have 100 or more police officers, with the largest five being Hartford (445), New Haven (443), Bridgeport (406), Waterbury (292), and Stamford (282).

Connecticut Bail Bonds can be posted at one of three locations: a police department, a court house, or a jail. Once someone is arrested they are likely to progress through those three places in that order. The first, and best, opportunity to make bail and prevent your loved one from getting lost in the system is at the arresting police department or State Police Troop barracks. Once other places get involved, things get much more complicated and the chance of being detained for hours, or even days, gets greater. .

A lot of the time, the police departments will give someone only one opportunity to contact a bail bondsman by phone before a defendant is processed and passed on to the courts. You need to make that one call count.

Why Choose BailCo?

If you believe what you see from many Connecticut bail companies online, they all have hundreds of locations - one for every county, town, police department, courthouse and jail in the state. No matter where you call from, they can and will be there, right? - It’s not that simple.

Those companies who boast of hundreds of locations and addresses are, in fact, probably based in a single location. They may not be willing to travel to your location, especially if it’s a long way, if it’s out of business hours or if they don’t consider the bond amount worth their while. Many will make promises of prompt service only to deliver “delays”. BailCo does not use these gimmicks.

One woman who called us recently had previously called ELEVEN other bondsmen - all of whom were closer to her location than we were, but all of them had actually REFUSED to help her, because it was a small bond amount!

That’s not how BailCo does things. We consider ourselves to be public service professionals and we know that what is a small bond to us may mean everything to you.

The BailCo Difference

At BailCo, we have no interest in misrepresenting ourselves or claiming to have business locations that don’t exist. We have ONE business address:

BailCo Bail Bonds
405 Center Street
Manchester, CT 06040

We have a team of dedicated agents who work from this address and from their homes which are throughout the state, 24 hours a day - yes, REALLY 24 hours a day - and we have a fleet of BailCo branded vehicles to ensure a rapid response.

This means that we are able to get to ANY police department, ANYWHERE in the state, at ANY time of the day, as quickly as possible. Often we can be there in minutes, in the great majority of cases we can be there in under two.

If it is going to take longer - e.g. if all of our agents are busy with other bonds - we will call the police department personally (they know us) and let them know that we are on our way.

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BailCo Bail Bonds will be there for you no matter the weather, the time, or the place.

BailCo Bail Bonds will be there for you no matter the weather, the time, or the place.