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BailCo's own Andrew Marocchini has been featured in various local publications.

Sentencing commission tackles three big criminal justice reforms

By Christine Stuart, 6/3/2018

HARTFORD - The public got a chance Monday to weigh in on three proposals that would change Connecticut's criminal justice system in very different ways. One proposal would change which sex offenders would have to continue to appear on the sex offender registry; another proposes a constitutional amendment on pretrial release and detention, and a third would reduce a state sentence for a misdemeanor offense by one day to prevent more severe immigration consequences. The Sentencing Commission is preparing to make its recommendations to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the General Assembly for the start of the 2018 legislative session. The testimony from about 30 members of the public was emotional at times... Read More >

Andrew Marocchini, founder of BailCo Bail Bonds and president of the Bail Association of Connecticut

Ready for Reform | Bail Bond Business Getting Regulatory Scrutiny

By Greg Bordonaro, 10/05/09

For years, bail bondsmen like Andrew Marocchini and Mary Anne Casey have been asking for help in cleaning up their industry, which they say has been plagued by unethical and illegal business practices... Read More >

Andrew Marocchini, president of Manchester-based BailCo Bail Bonds, is pushing reform legislation of the bail bond industry.

Battle Brewing Over Bail Reform At The Legislature

By Daniela Altimari, 3/10/16

The drive to reform the American bail system has brought together a broad swath of unlikely bedfellows, from Democrats such as Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to the conservative Koch brothers, from police and prosecutors to civil libertarian groups, but the movement faces a powerful adversary in the bail industry. Bail bondsmen are mobilizing against a proposal under consideration by lawmakers that would essentially eliminate cash bail for most defendants charged with nonviolent misdemeanors... Read More >

Law Enforcement Today - Episode 3: Police Casualties, Mental Health & Bail Bonds

Co-hosts Kyle Reyes and Lt. Ryan Shea are joined by guests Trish Buchanan and Andrew Marocchini to discuss the issues of mental health in law enforcement and bail bonds. Watch Now >

mental health in law enforcement and bail bonds