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Bail for Sexual Offenses

Learn about what to expect when someone is accused of committing a sexual offense.

Sexual offences come with some of the most serious criminal consequences. They are considered, quite rightly, to be among the most serious offenses. If arrested and charged for sexually related offences, a substantial bail bond will likely be necessary. This reflects the severity of the alleged offences, as well as the fact that the defendant may be a danger to the public. Charges related to sexual offences in Connecticut include but are not limited to:

  • Public indecency
  • Possession of illegal sexual materials
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault

Sex Offender Registry

Conviction for sexual offences in most cases requires the convicted party to register as a sex offender, to allow tracking and prevent re-offending. Connecticut’s sex offender registry can be viewed below, but heed well the warning that is appended: "ANY PERSON WHO USES INFORMATION IN THIS REGISTRY TO INJURE, HARASS OR COMMIT A CRIMINAL ACT AGAINST ANY PERSON INCLUDED IN THE REGISTRY OR ANY OTHER PERSON IS SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL PROSECUTION." No matter how you may view the individuals on this list they are still afforded every protection under the law.
Click here to view the sex offender registry.

The Role of Bail

If someone is charged with an offense of sexual nature it is imperative that they make arrangements with a bondsman in order to begin planning their defense, with a reputable attorney that has experience with this part of the law. BailCo can help with the bail bond and we will also recommend an attorney for you. Charges of this nature are egregious, and we have the same understandable reaction to them as all law-abiding folks should. However, at BailCo we try to remember two guiding principles:

  1. Bail is a constitutional right. Every occupant of The United States is entitled to bail except in the most severe situations when granting bail would impede upon the rights of others; ie, when granting bail would create a present danger to individuals or to the public.
  2. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This means that any accused party, even those accused of abominable crimes, is innocent up until the moment they are convicted, and should be treated as such.

What this means is we will put emotions and personal judgments aside. If someone comes to us seeking a bond for such crimes we will fulfil our obligations without prejudice and serve them with the same respect and courtesy as any other client that we see.