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Bail for Larceny

Learn about what to expect when someone is accused of committing larceny.

In Connecticut, the offense of larceny ranges in severity from first degree (most severe) to sixth degree (least severe). Many bail bond clients in Connecticut are not aware of the different degrees of larceny, which is a very important aspect of determining the bond amount. As you may suspect, the levels of larceny are determined by the value of what the defendant is accused of stealing. Hence, your charge will depend on what you steal.

Degree of Larceny Value of Property Involved Classification
First Degree Over $10,000 Class B Felony
Second Degree Over $5,000 Class C Felony
Third Degree Over $1,000 Class D Felony
Fourth Degree Over $500 Class A Misdemeanor
Fifth Degree Over $250 Class B Misdemeanor
Sixth Degree $250 or less Class C Misdemeanor

There are some caveats to determining larceny severity, such as in the following situations:

  • Larceny by extortion constitutes larceny in the first degree.
  • Larceny of public records, and larceny of any scientific or technical property constitutes larceny in the third degree.

For more information on the potential bail bond for larceny, you can visit our bond estimator page or contact us.

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Larceny charges can often be considered petty thefts and are classified as misdemeanors, resulting in a small bond and oftentimes no bond at all. However, as shown above many larcenies are felonies depending on the situation and can be very serious, often requiring a significant bail bond to be posted. Obviously, avoiding a felony conviction and the associated prison time and fines and posting bond will help ensure the best possible outcome.

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